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RAPID RESPONSE CONE C/W DOOR is highly visible, tall mobile safety cone, complete with lockable door and internal shelves, durable fold away mop holders, top handle and braked castor to prevent movement once
locked. Light and easy to transport, gets to the point of the spillage fast. Add your choice of tools, allowing the cone to function as a small trolley. An ideal solution for spill management.

Maximise Safety and Efficiency with the RAPID RESPONSE CONE C/W DOOR

Peak Visibility for Ultimate Safety Stand out and stay safe with our RAPID RESPONSE CONE C/W DOOR. Its high-visibility design ensures it’s seen from a distance, reducing risks and enhancing safety in any environment.

Lockable Door for Secure Storage Equipped with a lockable door, this safety cone protects your cleaning tools and supplies. The added security means you can focus on the task at hand, knowing your items are safe.

Internal Shelving for Organised Storage Stay organized with the internal shelves, providing ample space for your cleaning supplies. This feature makes the RAPID RESPONSE CONE an all-in-one solution for spill management and response.

Mop Holders for Convenience Our durable mop holders offer a neat storage solution, ensuring your mops are always where you need them, when you need them—without taking up extra space.

Easy Handling and Transportation With a convenient top handle and braked castor, this cone stays in place when locked but moves easily to the point of spillage. Its light and mobile design ensure rapid response to any situation.

Customisable Tool Storage Transform the RAPID RESPONSE CONE into a versatile trolley. Add your choice of tools and equipment, tailoring it to your specific cleaning needs.

The Ideal Spill Management Solution This safety cone isn’t just a warning sign—it’s a comprehensive spill management system. Quick to deploy and easy to use, it’s the perfect ally for immediate response to spills in high-traffic areas.