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SYR Lobby Pan Extension Lip: A Sweep Revolution

Effortless Clean-Up Transform your cleaning with the SYR Lobby Pan Extension Lip. It widens your dustpan to 46cm, letting you clear large messes fast. Easily snap it onto any SYR dustpan and enjoy instant productivity.

Robust and Reliable Experience the strength of our Extension Lip. It’s made to endure. Tackle daily clean-ups in commercial spaces or at home. Trust this tool to last.

Perfect Match for SYR Dustpans Compatibility is a breeze. Our Extension Lip fits all SYR dustpans. Attach it quickly and get back to cleaning without a hitch.

Maximize Your Efficiency Sweep smarter with our Extension Lip. It captures more with each motion. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your space.

Adapts to Your Cleaning Needs Leaves, sand, or daily grime—the Extension Lip handles it. Use it indoors or out. It’s the versatile solution for any mess.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Game Choose the SYR Lobby Pan Extension Lip for a faster, easier clean. It’s not just a tool—it’s a cleaning revolution. Save time and sweep effectively.

Start cleaning smarter today. With the SYR Lobby Pan Extension Lip, you’re ready for anything. Say goodbye to slow sweeping. Embrace quick, thorough clean-ups.

Expand the mouth of the dustpan from 27cm to 46cm so you can sweep up large amount of mess quickly. Retrovits to any SYR dustpans.