Fair Operating Practice

Anti-corruption & behavioural expectation of staff

Our aim: to treat all current or potential employees, business partners and other stakeholders honestly and fairly and without prejudice SYR requires that all employees, irrespective of their function, grade or standing, observe the followings Standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities; SYR employees must practice honesty and integrity in every aspect of dealing with other employees, customers, suppliers, other business partners, communities and government authorities.

Neither SYR nor any of its employees shall make illegal or improper payments or bribes and will refrain from participating in any corrupt business practices. Neither SYR nor any of its employees may accept payments, gifts or other kinds of reimbursement from a third party that could affect or appear to affect their objectivity in business decisions.

Employees should avoid entering into situations where their personal, family or financial interests may be in conflict with that of SYR. Where any such potential conflict of interest arises, the employee should disclose this and seek advice from their line manager.

Fair competition & engagement with competitors

Our aim: to participate alongside competitors in open and legal forums such as trade association events and meetings and to show leadership in business integrity and probity whilst protecting the best interests of SYR. As a major player in the sector, SYR has an important leadership role within a local, national and international context and its full participation in trade bodies is expected. Staff are to be encouraged to be involved in sector initiatives where common goals are critical such as in areas of research, health and safety and product standards are in the interest of SYR. Such matters are an opportunity for SYR to set a benchmark and to ensure that fair competition is not undermined by poor working practice, unsubstantiated claims or other deficient behaviour. As a business, we are open to visits from competitors as individuals or as groups/trade bodies as we see this as important for benchmarking and it encourage reciprocal learning for our staff.

It is absolutely forbidden for any SYR employee to engage in discussions which would be regarded as anti-competitive behaviour. If such an attempt is made at an open trade meeting, any SYR employee in attendance should withdraw and report the matter to a Company Director.

Promoting sicial responsibility externally

Our aim: by taking a leadership role in adopting a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, SYR will encourage its suppliers, customers and other business partners to adopt at the very least the basic principles of CSR. We are fortunate to be trading in a sector which has almost entirely adopted key elements of ethical and responsible practice. There is always room for further improvement across all disciplines within our trading partners and we will through example, help to raise standards of practice throughout the supply chain.


Our aim: To provide honest, clear and helpful information at appropriate levels of detail to all employees, customers, suppliers, the public and other stakeholders. SYR strives to communicate clear messages across all audiences as befits a business of its size and reputation.

Delivered through:

  • Regularly updated website
  • Internal publications
  • Regular notices, workplace meetings and team briefings
  • Printed publications

About SYR

Innovation and invention has been at the heart of Scot Young Research since its beginnings in 1954.

In 1985 the switch was made into manufacturing, influenced by the company’s service roots in cleaning.

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