Quick service restaurants

SYR has worked with quick service restaurants for the last 40 years. Our role has always been to understand the needs of the customer and support improvements by developing new ideas and unique tools.

Case Study

The Brief

The customer, a global fast food chain, were frustrated by the performance of their current products and asked SYR to assess their existing products and procedures. We were challenged to find alternative products that would provide a solution to the high volume of equipment that was breaking and the high volume of equipment usage within their restaurants.



Our first task was to understand the environment, identify the current range of equipment and observe how it was being used. By experiencing the working practices first-hand and completing detailed assessments across a network of restaurants, we were able to identify the reasons that the current equipment was not suitable for the task. The main issues were the durability of the equipment being used and the effectiveness of this equipment, however this was further compounded by operatives’ daily cleaning practices.


The customer also laundered mop heads and wanted a product that would not shrink. The mop head also needed to be able to absorb greasy deposits easily, but release these deposits effectively during immersion in the bucket system. Cotton mops were completely unsuitable, as they had a lifespan of only a few days and during this time they would rot, decompose and have an awful smell.


With our customers’ agreement, we identified 4 key area that we would address, these were:

• non-ergonomic traditional Kentucky buckets that were unsuitable,

• lobby pans, used to collect debris from front of house, that were constantly breaking,

• brooms, used to collect debris from front of house, that failed to collect debris and

• cotton mops with a short lifespan and ineffective cleaning result.


Our Research and Development team spent 3 years changing the blends of plastics and metals to create a bucket taht would nor break in use, whiuch would provide a comfortable ergonomic operating height and would also reduce water consumption.


This bucket was named Long Tall Sally (LTS) and is now one of our best-sellers, with a lifespan of 6-15 years.

Lobby dustpans were frequently being damaged due to operatives putting their foot on top of the lobby dustpan to sabilise it for sweeping litter into. This led to many lobby pans shattering in use. SYR invented a blend of plastics which we incorporated into the deisgn of our Lobby Dustpan; with a rubberised content which maintained the strength, whilst giving the product flexibility, allowing it to withstand the stabilising foot action.

The brooms used to collect floor debris from back of house areas congealed very quickly, leading to grease being moved around the floor, rather than being lifted. It very quickly became ineffective in debris collection due to the high volumes of grease on the floor.

Our Research and Development team totally redesigned the blend of yarn to create a mop that would last up to 3 months. The result was Syrtex – a washable, non-shrink blended yarn with improved pick-up and release of dirt.


•  Products manufactured to customers exact requirements
• Safer working environment
• Reduction in water consumption
• Less plastic being sent to landfill
• Lower carbon footprint
• Cost in use savings: (Cotton mop = 21.5p per day vs Syrtex = 2.5p a day)
• (Non SYR bucket = 14p per day vs LTS = 2P per day)


SYR is proud to say we have worked with this customer for over 3 decades, demonstrating our commitment to buliding successful partnerships and our ability to provide unique, fit-for-purpose products based on our customers’ needs.

About SYR

Innovation and invention has been at the heart of Scot Young Research since its beginnings in 1954.

In 1985 the switch was made into manufacturing, influenced by the company’s service roots in cleaning.

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