Public Sector

SYR has worked with the public sector for the last 40 years. Our role has always been to understand the needs of the customer and support improvements through identifying innovative new cleaning practices that improve standards whilst reducing costs.

Case Study

The Brief

The customer, a large university, was looking to modernise the way they cleaned. They wanted to identify ways they could be more efficient and also identify cleaning equipment and practices that would be kinder to the environment. The cleaning team provided cleaning services to all areas within the university, employing over 100 staff.



Our first task was to understand the environment, identify the current range of equipment and observe how it was being used. By experiencing the working practices first-hand and completing detailed assessments across every area we were able to identify both equipment and cleaning practices that could be improved.

With our customers’ agreement, we identified 6 key areas that we would address:

1. Simplification of cleaning methods

2. Standardised equipment and chemicals across all sites

3. Implementation of colour coding across all sites.

4. Improved cleaning standards

5. Reduced waste

6. Cost reductions


New equipment was identified, that would both simplify and improve cleaning standards across the sites, whilst also providing colour coding and a green approach to cleaning. Trials were initially set up on two very different sites to ensure that our customers were happy that their original brief was being met.


Bespoke training videos and literature were produced to enable an easy and simple transition and equipment was then rolled out to all sites over a three month period, with group training throughout this time. This ensured all cleaning operatives were fully aware of how to operate the new equipment and comfortable with the newly installed cleaning techniques. Certification was provided to all employees that completed our training sessions.


c•  Premises are now cleaned to BICSc standard using colour coded chemicals
• Premises are now cleaned to BICSc standard using colour coded equipment
• All equipment is standardised which increases staff flexibility between sites
• Reduced range of  chemicals simplifies the range and reduces risk
• Portion control reduces chemical consumption and supports cost saving
• Reduction in chemical consumption supports a green approach to cleaning
• Use of microfibre based equipment increases cleaning standards
• Use of microfibre based equipment improves overall productivity
• All staff have received identical training so performance can be measured effectively
• Training materials left in order to support quality training with refresher visits available

About SYR

Innovation and invention has been at the heart of Scot Young Research since its beginnings in 1954.

In 1985 the switch was made into manufacturing, influenced by the company’s service roots in cleaning.

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